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I love to visit new places and drink good beer and coffee. I love subtlety. I once was the actual and fictional bass player on a cable TV pilot about a heavy metal Little House on the Prairie tribute band. I love bringing things to life with animation and programming. I also think my wife, photography, and my cat are pretty cool.


Creative technologist/front end developer, team leader & supervisor, programmatic and timeline animator, object-oriented programming & programmatic physics, After Effects and 3D artist.

Core JavaScript programming/animation
CSS transformation/animation
Object oriented JavaScript
Modular JavaScript programming with Common.js/Require.js and AMD
React/Redux, Webpack, Gulp and Grunt
JSX, Jade, and EJS
SVG animation with CSS/JavaScript
Node, D3, CreateJS, Greensock, Three.js, Cordova/PhoneGap
Responsive email production
HTML5 standard and rich banner production


New York, NY
Lead Creative Technologist
Animator & Motion Graphics Artist
April 2012 – present
  • Develop microsites, websites, mobile applications, standard and rich banners, responsive emails and mobile applications.
  • Front end developer and animator
  • Team leader
  • After Effects and Cinema 4D artist
  • Create digital-out-of-home advertising units including animated billboards, Captivate screens and Times Square billboards.

Clients: Hersheys, Sony Music, TD Ameritrade, IBM, Dos Equis, Dannon, Keurig, Liberty Mutual, PayPal, Weight Watchers, Volvo, Oppenheimer Funds, Diageo, Charles Schwab, Atlantic City, Coppertone, New York Life, Ritz, GlaxoSmithKline, Claritin, Dr. Scholls, Durex, Evian, Lacoste, NYSE, Coppertone, Lysol, d-Con, Anoro, Breo

New York, NY and Boston, MA
Creative Technical Lead & Sr. Flash Developer
2006 – October 2011
  • Develop microsites, websites and standard and rich banners.
  • Work closely with creative teams, developers, animators, producers, account teams, and rich and standard media vendors (Pointroll, Double Click, Media Mind and others) to ensure projects are delivered within allotted time frames and meet high quality standards.
  • Supervise and mentor team of developers, animators and freelancers.
  • Create digital-out-of-home advertising units including animated billboards, Captivate screens and Times Square billboards.

Clients: Chili’s, Liberty Mutual, CVS Pharmacy, Emblem Health, Bank of America, Dunkin’ Donuts, Major League Baseball, Verizon Wireless, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, AOL, John Hancock, Mass State Lottery, Cleveland Clinic, Boys & Girls Club, Merrill Lynch, Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Rockport, Merrill Edge.

New York, NY
Designer, Animator and Developer
2001 – Present
  • Front end development.

Clients: Sears, Connelly Partners, Deutsch Interactive, Tylenol, Home Improvement Network

New York, NY
Audio Recording and Mixing Engineer, Producer, Musician, Writer
2003 – 2006

Clients: MTV Networks, TV Land, Nickelodeon, RJ Reynolds

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